Health plan premiums are probably one of your largest insurance expenses.  And your plan benefits are also one of the most frequently used.    Whether you’re paying it all yourself or if your employer is paying for some of the cost, health care costs and related insurance costs continue to increase at astronomical rates.  It pays to know what’s going on and Brouwer Insurance is here to help.  Click on the links below to get a run down on each of these subjects.
Health Plans
HMO – PPO – POS – EPO – HDHP;  what’s the difference?

Funding arrangements
HSA,  HRA,  FSA;  what are these and how can they help me?

Terminology you may need to know
Copay –  Coinsurance – OOP max – OV;  the jargon is mind boggling.  Let me explain.  Or call us (760) 745-5151.