Life Insurance - Portrait of young couple

Sometimes you need it, other times you don’t!

The point is, life changes and so do your needs.  Mortgage?  College tuition?  Living expenses? Retirement plans? Your needs change.

Talk to us about your concerns and let us help you create a solid plan.

The least expensive policy type is “level term”.  This is just pure life insurance, no savings, no gimmicks. With this, the premium is averaged out over the number of years you choose.

Other types include whole life, universal life, variable UL, Key person, Buy-sell funding.

So call us at (760) 745-5151 and we can talk about your situation.

Or send an email with the following info.

Your full name
Date of birth; mm/dd/yyyy
Sex; M – F
Height & weight
Amount of death benefit; $_______, _________ (rule of thumb: 8 x annual salary)
Number of years to cover; 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30.
Smoker or Non-smoker
Ask us about options; cover children, premium waiver, etc.

We represent many well known companies;
Met Life
Lincoln General
West Coast Life